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On Tap Water Filters - TAPP 2 Twist

Ultra-advanced microfiltration · Filters out limescale · Reusable cartridge housing · Replacement reminder by email
2 purchase options:
Subscription with 4 cartridges
  • 1 filter + 4 carbon blocks + 1 shell
  • Annual renewal
  • Second year for $94 and cheaper every year!
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1 cartridge included
  • 1 filter + 1 carbon block + 1 shell
  • 3 months of filtered water
  • Buy replacement cartridge packs
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Easy to install 4.78
Taste of water 4.96

New Improved Cartridges!

85% less plastic waste and also filters lime. Only available on our website.

  • Healthy water with good taste thanks to the activated carbon technology with the capacity to filter more than 80 substances, including limescale.
  • Instant filtering with 3 month life cartridges.
  • Easy installation without tools and with adapters if necessary.
  • Cartridge change reminders by mail and on the cap with manual twist.

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Product Warranty

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Product specifications

Everything you need to know about our TAPP Filters


Dimensions: 12.4 x 7.4 x 10.9 cm
Weight: 363 g

Product parts

A. Filter housing

B. Lever (filtered / unfiltered)

C. Cartridge housing

D. Carbon block

C + D = Cartridge

Tips for use and where to dispose

  • Use hot water only in the NO filtered position
  • Avoid washing the filter with soap
  • If you haven't used the filter in several days, run the filtered water for 20 seconds
  • Avoid exposing the filter to heat
  • The carbon block should be changed every 3 months.
  • At the end of the cartridge cycle, the TAPP 2 Twist filter housing must be reused. 
    Remove the carbon block from inside and put in a new one. Screw the cartridge back on and you're ready for the next 3 months

Rotating Cap Reminder

The spinning cap is used to mark the week you started a new cartridge. The turn is manual. The numbers indicate months of the year and the dots the weeks.

Active carbon technology and materials

TAPP 2 Twist uses advanced 5-stage ultra-microfiltration technology with activated carbon.

The activated carbon block inside the cartridge, made from coconut shell, is capable of absorbing chemical, gaseous, metallic and organic elements thanks to its microscopic structure and its highly porous surface.

As the water passes through the filter, the pollutants are trapped in the spherical particles of the activated carbon. The result is clean, filtered water, ready for consumption.

Filtration speed: 4 l / min. or 15 seconds to fill a liter.

Cartridge shelf life: after 3 months from first use

Cartridge filtration capacity: up to 1200 liters (approx. 13 liters / day) for 3 months

Carbon block density: 1-2 µm

Filtered substances: 80+


The materials we use for our filters reinforce our commitment to sustainability, quality and durability.

The cartridge housing is made of PLA plastic free of toxins such as BPA and phthalates, made from natural raw materials.

The carbon block inside the cartridge housing that filters your water is made from coconut shells (70%), which biodegrades into CO2 and water, and UHMW (30%), which is inert and stable and it does not accumulate in marine life.

We also use two small pieces of silicone to ensure that the carbon block remains in place thus ensuring maximum filtering efficiency. These decompose into amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water.

Install it yourself


Screw it on your tap

You can do the installation yourself in less than 2 minutes


Get filtered water

Change from filtered water to tap water by turning the lever


Change cartridge / 3 months

Cartridge efficacy lasts 3 months

Annual Pack

If you have Annual Pack Receive 4 cartridges each year, save and forget

Starter Pack

If you have starter pack buy cartridge packs spare

TAPP 2 Twist reusable cartridges

The cartridge is inside the filter and its housing is responsible for protecting the carbon block, the element that filters the water.

The TAPP 2 Twist cartridges, the most sustainable

With the new TAPP 2 Twist cartridges, we reduce the generation of plastic waste by 85%.The cartridge housing is reusable, so you will only have to replace the carbon block every 3 months.

Eliminates more than 80 substances

Chlorine (responsible for bad taste), microplastics, sand, rust and sediment, lead, mercury, salmonella, legionella, pesticides, herbicides, drug residues, nitrates and other substances> 1-2 μm (microns)

Change it every 3 months How to do it?

Replace the cartridge with a new one 3 months after its first use. To do this, unscrew the used cartridge and screw the new one. Watch video

We will remind you when it's time to change

You will receive a reminder by email 7 days before the change date. In addition, TAPP2 Twist has a cap with manual twist that allows you to indicate the month and week in which you started the cycle

Tested and certified

Tested by the Bilacon Microbiological Control laboratory and certified by the Solar Impulse seal of efficiency.

See analysis

Do you need more cartridges?

We have a pack of 2 cartridges (equivalent to 6 months of filtered water) and another pack of 4 cartridges, which includes an annual subscription and the convenience of covering the entire year automatically.

Buy cartridges

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Annual Pack

Annual Pack$159.00

Subscribe and save
Subscription with 4 cartridges
  • 1 filter + 4 carbon blocks + 1 shell
  • Annual renewal
  • Second year for $94 and cheaper every year!
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TAPP 2 Twist - 3 Month Filtration

TAPP 2 Twist - 3 Month Filtration$89.00

Try and get out of doubt
1 cartridge included
  • 1 filter + 1 carbon block + 1 shell
  • 3 months of filtered water
  • Buy replacement cartridge packs
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What our customer says

We listen to our customers and make sure we continually improve our products. Take a look at what our customers think about TAPP Water

A Fantastic Product

I used to use jugs but the taste of TAPP is so much better. I also like having water filtered instantly and not having to wait.

Eoin Murray
Very Happy with the Tapp Water Filter

Spent a while trying to find a great water filter, to stop buying bottled water and to ensure the water quality is ok. And ended up going with this one...The filter was so east to install. Actually surprised how easy it was.. and i am really liking! Fantastic Filter! 

Practical, fast and with great flavour

We are delighted with this filter, in addition to it being very easy to install, the water has no flavour and filters very quickly, I highly recommend it.

Great Taste

We have it at home and have completely stopped buying plastic water bottles. Return on investment within the month. It’s good for the planet too, of course. 

Works better than any other i’ve tried

I’ve bought cheap filters before that would break after just a few uses but the TAPP Filter works great. It’s super easy to install and came with adapters to fit my tap. It filters the water much faster than the Jugs or other filters. 

Tastes like Bottled Water

I purchased this filter as the Water in Penrith wasn’t as nice as bottled water. With this filter, I can’t tell the difference and neither can my family. 


Do you have any questions? We answer them!

How can I tell if my tap is compatible with the filter?

We guarantee that our system is compatible with 95% of round threaded faucets. 

Here are the taps on the market that are not compatible:

I can't remove the unscrewing piece from my faucet (aerator)

If you have not been able to remove the aerator, it may be due to excess lime. It is for this reason that we recommend trying to unscrew it with the help of a wrench.

How do I know that I will like the taste?

Our filters eliminate bad taste and odor because they filter the chlorine, the cause of it. In addition, by also filtering microplastics and more than 80 contaminants, it helps even more so that the water does not taste like anything: pure and clean water.

Why do I have to change the cartridge every 3 months if I use it little?

Because the water quality and the filter efficiency of the filter can only be guaranteed up to a usable capacity equivalent to 3 months. Our quality parameters for filtering substances and pollutants exceed 95% in most cases (depending on the type of pollutant it can be higher, as in the case of chlorine filtering, with 99%). Filtering contaminants such as pesticides and herbicides, VOCs, and microplastics no longer meet our quality parameters after 3 months of use. If you use cartridge beyond these 3 months, the efficiency of the filtration will fall below our minimum quality parameters. In addition to the aspects mentioned in relation to absorption and efficiency, You should also bear in mind that charcoal is a material of organic origin that can be a breeding ground for microorganisms, which over time can lead to the proliferation of bacteria. These bacteria accumulate behind the filter and contaminate the water in the pipes. This is a normal situation with activated carbon filters, regardless of whether you live alone or with more people, or whether the filter has not been used for a while. A little tip: if you don't use the filter for a few days: let the water run for 30 seconds before consuming it to clean any bacteria that may have accumulated. click This is a normal situation with activated carbon filters, regardless of whether you live alone or with more people, or whether the filter has not been used for a while. A little tip: if you don't use the filter for a few days: let the water run for 30 seconds before consuming it to clean any bacteria that may have accumulated. click This is a normal situation with activated carbon filters, regardless of whether you live alone or with more people, or whether the filter has not been used for a while. A little tip: if you don't use the filter for a few days: let the water run for 30 seconds before consuming it to clean any bacteria that may have accumulated. Click here for more information.

How to set your reminder for the cartridge change?

- The upper part of the filter can be rotated

- The numbers represent the months of the year and the dots the weeks

- Match the mark with the day you have changed the cartridge to remind yourself in 3 months you must change it again

Our activated carbon filtration technology removes more than 80 contaminants that may be present in water, including chlorine (the main cause of bad taste in tap water), microplastics, lead, nitrates and nitrites (which require specific laboratory equipment to measure), among others.

Can I filter hot water with the tap?

Our filters are designed to filter cold water. The materials that cover the cartridge are not resistant to high temperatures. If the cartridge comes into contact with hot water, the material melts, causing filtration failure and damaging the filter. However, with the lever you can switch from “filtered water” mode to “tap water” mode very easily, and when you are in “tap water” mode you can run hot water without problem.

Why do you use plastic for your filters?

After having studied different materials and solutions, the plastic we use has been the winning solution in terms of durability (and, therefore, in terms of sustainability). At TAPP Water, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. In this sense, beyond the plastic bottles that are avoided with the use of our filters, we are constantly evolving and asking ourselves questions about materials, transportation, and, ultimately, how to make our value chain have a better impact on the planet. In this sense, we still have a long way to go and challenges to face. But we are especially proud of:

The materials we use to build the base of the product (the filter itself) are durable, highly recyclable, BPA -free and phthalate-free.

The materials we use to build the consumable part of the product (cartridges) are mostly of natural origin and biodegradable, although they are not treated as such in composting plants.

The activated carbon block inside the cartridge, through which the water passes to be filtered, is made of coconut shells. In this way, your water comes into contact with a natural and organic material.

Why don't we use stainless steel? At this time our goal is to create a solution that, in addition to being sustainable and comfortable, is affordable. A solution that allows households to save compared to buying bottled water. Making the filter in stainless steel would mean creating a solution that a few could afford, and from TAPP we want to be accessible to everyone and reach the maximum number of household possible to have a real impact.

Is it possible to remove the filter from the tap and put it in another one?

Yes, of course, you can safely remove the filter from the tap and change it to another tap! The quality of the thread allows you to do this multiple times: when you move, when you go on vacation, etc. You can take the TAPP Water filter with you on a trip and use it even in the hotel where you are!

Does it filter lime?

Yes, thanks to the limescale reducer that we have incorporated into the TAPP2 Twist cartridges, we prevent limescale from forming

What is the difference between Tapp 1 and Tapp 2?

The difference between TAPP 1 and TAPP 2 is, first of all, that TAPP 2 is a newer version with an improved filtration system. TAPP 1 filters out more than 70 contaminants, including chlorine, chlorine by-products, heavy metals, and pesticides. TAPP 2 filters out chlorine and its by-products, heavy metals like lead, pesticides, and microplastics. In Australia, we no longer stock the TAPP 1 product. 

Our filters are suitable for filtering water from the public network in 99.5% of Australia where tap water is approved as drinkable by public authorities or the local government. For water wells or cases with a private water tank TAPP Water cannot guarantee the potability of the water

How do I dispose of my TAPP 2 cartridges?

Our filters are not biodegradable or compostable. However, they are made from highly recyclable plastic and other materials that remain inert in nature and do not bioaccumulate. In this link you will find how to dispose of and recycle your filter cartridge, thus taking care of the environment.

What are the advantages over filter jugs and reverse osmosis?

Few things bother you more when you are very thirsty, than going to the kitchen for water and realizing that we have forgotten to fill the filter jug. However, those who use TAPP Water do not suffer from this problem, because the water comes directly from the tap.

Reverse osmosis is an amazing technological innovation that provides fresh water from sea water in areas where there is a shortage of water. It is also very effective for industrial cleaning of polluted wastewater. It can be a good solution for water in homes where conditions require it (eg kidney failure). However, in most cases municipal water is safe to drink and a quality activated carbon tap filter is sufficient to provide fresh and tasty drinking water at a lower cost and with less water waste.

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