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TAPP Water PitcherPro

Our glass water filter jug that filters water as you pour.

TAPP Water EcoPro Compact

The most compact and eco-friendly water filter in the market. Our refills contain zero plastic waste

TAPP Water EcoPro

Our long-lasting tap water filter. Each filter lasts 3 months

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Based on 46 reviews
TAPP Water - PitcherPro
Sarah M (Brisbane, AU)

I had my TAPP Water bottle for just over a month before I accidentally knocked a drinking glass against the bottle (not with great force) and the bottom of the bottle smashed, decanted over half a litre of water all over the floor, and meant I had to throw it away.
I did like the way the water tasted but the pouring function was a bit slow.
I won't be purchasing another one but for those that do, just be careful with the bottle as the glass is very thin and it seems the bottles don't take much to crack.

Great water

Had a few issues with the adapter but once I received the right one it was easy and the water tastes great!

TAPP Water - EcoPro
Martina (Melbourne, AU)
terrible customer service

the product might be good, however, the customer service is shocking... i needed to return mine as the product did not fit my tap but my email for the return request fell through into a black whole as i was completely ignored... i had to go to bunnings buy additional parts in order to make this fit as due to the ignorance i was unable to return :(((

TAPP Water - EcoPro
Aquiline Vincent (Melbourne, AU)
Great Product

Will recommend to family and friends

TAPP Water - PitcherPro
Pam Oxford (Sydney, AU)
Clean water,

The very best ,lm not disappointed with the tap water jug , thank you ,

TAPP Water - EcoPro
Enrique gonzalez (Sydney, AU)

TAPP Water - EcoPro

TAPP Water - EcoPro
Garry Eason (Melbourne, AU)
Tasteless water, I like it.

My tank water had a slight taste; not offensive though. My first mouthful of TAPP water eliminated that problem. I am very impressed.

TAPP Water - EcoPro
YB (Sydney, AU)
Can't connect to any taps in house or caravan

Unfortunately I have been unable to connect to our caravan tap as was planned and have had no success in being able to get adapters. The only option so far is to change the tap hardware which is hardly ideal.

TAPP Water - PitcherPro
Huw Gerner (Adelaide, AU)
Needs improvement

Like the design, but the pour is slow and inconsistent.

TAPP Water - PitcherPro
Silvia Signore (Sydney, AU)

Really enjoying it the best water I’ve tasted

Thanks for the review Silvia! Glad you're loving your water!

TAPP Water - PitcherPro
Laura Morrissey (Perth, AU)

Love the bottle and the taste, only downside is pouring can be a little slow.

Thanks for your review Laura!

TAPP Water - EcoPro
Michael McKee (Melbourne, AU)
Tapp water a great result

We had used a Brita on-tap filter for a number of years and due to design issues it kept breaking down (too many moving parts). Tapp is simpler in design. The water flow seems much easier (more powerful) while still doing the job. I'm very happy with it.

Thanks for the detailed review Michael. Glad you're enjoying your EcoPro!

TAPP Water - EcoPro Refills 2 Pack
Lynette Ng (Sydney, AU)
Great tasting water

TAPP Water filter suits us living in an appartment . Service is great TAPP Water happily and promptly answered our questions and delivery easy

TAPP Water - PitcherPro
Charlotte Aldrich (Sydney, AU)
Great Water Filter, Good Customer Service

The water filter carafe is lovely design aesthetically and functionally. There was an issue with my delivery and the customer service support was also excellent and addressed the issue quickly and with care.

TAPP Water - EcoPro
Eri Hammond (Sydney, AU)
Great product!

I had trouble with the tap removing the aerator part because it was very tight. But with a masking tape and strap wrench, it was so easy to remove it and attach the filter. I am so happy that I can enjoy clean water now. I am considering getting one for my daughter in Melbourne. Thank you very much for your support and for sending the keys for the aerator even though I didn't need them at the end. They may come in handy for other taps (for watering plants, etc) so I will keep them for future use.
Thank you, again.

TAPP Water - EcoPro
Chris Eva (Brisbane, AU)
Awesome filter and service

Love this easy to put on filter. It didn’t fit exactly first time round so contacted support and they sent out an adapter pretty quickly. Communication was open, delivery was quick and we’re so happy with the filter.

Thanks! Glad the adapter did the trick! Enjoy the filter!

TAPP Water - EcoPro
Mark Worrall (Sydney, AU)
Great service and product

Received Ecopro filter unit 2 business days after ordering. It was supplied with the adapter I described as necessary to fit it to my sink mixer spout. It was quick and easy to install, now giving me clean fresh tasting water for drinking and cooking on tap. The water flow when by-pass is selected is about the same as before the filter was fitted.

I can recommend this as a good purchase.

Thanks for the review Mark. Great to hear the adapter worked! Enjoy the filter

TAPP Water PitcherPro Refills - 2 Pack
Warin Taksinpruk (Melbourne, AU)
Tapping water bottle

Loving every single drop of it!

Glad you love the PitcherPro Warin!

TAPP Water - EcoPro
Carolina Gomez (Maylands, AU)
Easy and practical

Very good product easy to use and the water is very clean, no taste.

Thanks Carolina!

TAPP Water - EcoPro
lorraine schiodtz (Ourimbah, AU)

We have noticed a big difference in the taste of the water. No more buying bottled water. Did not have to search around for a fitting to our tap, what it came with served its purpose. All in all, very happy with product.

Great to hear Lorraine! Enjoy your filter!

TAPP Water - PitcherPro
Lekisha Santos (Riverstone, AU)
Fresh filtered water

It taste really good and the glass bottle design is beautiful! Best of all I love knowing my family is drinking fresh filtered water! We like to keep ours in the fridge so we have cold water ready :)

Thanks for the review Lekisha. Glad you like it!

TAPP Water - EcoPro
Evann D. (Sydney, AU)
Easy and Effective

The product was easy to fit and genuinely makes the water cleaner and more enjoyable to drink. I used to buy a stack of bottled water, now its just a refill of my bottle using TAPP everyday.

Thank you Evann!

TAPP Water - PitcherPro
A.M. (Sydney, AU)

Obsessed with my PitcherPro Glass Water filter jug. Being glass and has a structured shape to it, makes it easier to hold!

Thanks Allissa!

TAPP Water - PitcherPro
Brigette Panetta (Perth, AU)

TAPP Water - PitcherPro

TAPP Water - EcoPro
Isaac (Adelaide, AU)
Tastes great!

Really great product and the included adapter fit nicely on the tap!

Thanks for the review Isaac! Glad you're loving your filter!