All of our products pass strict quality tests before they are shipped to our customers. We offer a guarantee for all our products whose duration depends on the type of product: 

  • "Annual Pack with Subscription" and "Pack 9 months with Subscription" for TAPP 2 Twist and TAPP 2 Click: Lifetime guarantee as long as the subscription is still ongoing
  • "Pack Starter / 3 months": 1 year warranty
  • Replacement cartridges: 1 year  warranty (The warranty is not the same as the cartridge capacity. The filter capacity of the cartridge is guaranteed for the first 3 months. After that it loses efficiency and we cannot guarantee the water quality.)

The TAPP Water warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship of any TAPP Water product for the time indicated from the date of purchase on the TAPP Water website or from the date of purchase at a direct sales stand of TAPP Water. 

This means that if the filter breaks due to defects in materials and workmanship, TAPP Water replaces the product and ships a new one. 

TAPP Water does not guarantee that its products:

  • run without interruptions
  • are free from errors or defects

If you have a valid claim under the TAPP Water warranty and have returned the product according to the established procedure, we will replace the defective product free of charge.

If we determine that the problem is not covered by the TAPP Water warranty, we will notify you and advise you of available service or replacement alternatives.

The warranty period will not be extended if we replace the product. 

The warranty does not cover defects caused by customers. This especially applies in case of improper use, incorrect handling or unauthorized repair attempts, especially: 

  • problems resulting from external causes, such as accidents, abusive or improper use;
  • uses not in accordance with TAPP Water product instructions;
  • problems caused by the use of third party accessories, parts or components.

Local consumer protection laws may provide additional warranty standards. The TAPP Water warranty does not in any way limit the rights you may have under these standards.

Lifetime Warranty for Annual Subscriptions

Subscriber members of TAPP Water enjoy an unconditional lifetime guarantee. In the unlikely event that your product needs to be replaced during the period of an active Annual Subscription, TAPP Water will take care of the replacement at no charge or additional cost as long as the return instructions are followed.

An active Annual Subscription is defined from the date of purchase or renewal date of the Annual Subscription adding a period of 12 months. Example: purchase date of the “12-month Pack with Annual Subscription”: April 12, 2019. Active Annual Subscription Period: from April 12, 2019 to April 11, 2020).

The cases of Annual Subscriptions in a “paused” or “postponed” status are included. In these cases, the period of the Active Annual Subscription is simply prolonged as long as the Annual Subscription is maintained in said states (maximum 3 months). 

Users who cancel their Annual Subscription lose the right to the lifetime guarantee from the date of purchase adding a period of 12 months.