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On Tap Water Filter with Bluetooth - TAPP 2 Click

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  • Healthy water with good taste thanks to activated carbon technology with the capacity to filter more than 80 substances
  • Instant tap water filtering with 3 month life cartridges.
  • Easy installation without tools and with adapters if necessary
  • Reminders about when to change the cartridge by email and with notifications via the MyTAPP app via Bluetooth technology

Dimensions and materials

  • Dimensions: 12.4 x 7.4 x 10.9 cm
  • Weight: 363g
  • Thread Diameter: 22mm

  • The materials we use for the filter reinforce our commitment to sustainability, quality and durability.

    A + B. The filter housing + the lever (filtered / unfiltered) are made of ABS and PC plastic, free of toxic such as BPA and phthalates, made of natural raw materials.

    C. The casing is the part that covers the spare part (carbon block) and which has to be saved and reused every time we put in a new spare part. This part is also made of ABS and PC plastic, free of toxins like BPA and phthalates.

    D. The refill (carbon block), the part that filters the water, is made of coconut shells (70%) that biodegrade into CO2 and water, and UHMW (30%) that is inert and stable and does not accumulate in marine life . We also use two small pieces of silicone to ensure that the carbon block remains in place thus ensuring maximum filtration efficiency. These decompose into amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water.

Filtration and contaminants

EcoPro uses in its spare parts an ultra-advanced microfiltration technology in 5 stages with activated carbon.

 The activated carbon block, made from coconut shell, is capable of absorbing chemical, gaseous, metallic and organic elements thanks to its microscopic structure and its highly porous surface.

When tap water passes through the filter, pollutants are retained in the spherical particles of activated carbon such as lime, chlorine (responsible for the bad taste), microplastics, sand, rust and sediment, lead, mercury, salmonella, legionella, pesticides , herbicides, drug residues, nitrates and more than 100 substances.

The result is clean, filtered water, ready for consumption.

  • Filtration speed: 4 l / min. or 15 seconds to fill a litre.
  • Refill expiration: after 3 months from the first use
  • Refill filtration capacity: up to 1200 litre (approx. 13 litres / day) for 3 months
  • Carbon block density: 1-2 µm (microns)
  • Filtered substances: +100

Replacement duration

Water quality and filtration efficiency can only be guaranteed up to a usable capacity of 3 months.

Our quality parameters for filtering substances and pollutants exceed 95% in most cases (depending on the type of pollutant it can be higher, as in the case of chlorine filtering, with 99%).

If you use the refill beyond these 3 months, the efficiency of filtering contaminants such as pesticides and herbicides, VOCs and microplastics will no longer meet our quality parameters.

In addition to the aspects mentioned in relation to absorption and efficiency, you must bear in mind that activated carbon is a material of organic origin that can be a breeding ground for microorganisms, which over time can lead to the proliferation of bacteria.

This is a normal situation with organic materials like activated carbon, regardless of how much you use the filter.

We advise you that if you do not use the filter for a few days, let the water pass for 30 seconds before consuming it to clean the bacteria that may have accumulated.

Usage tips

  • Use hot water only in the NO filtered position
  • Avoid washing the filter with soap
  • If you haven't used the filter in several days, let the filtered water run for 30 seconds
  • Avoid exposing the filter to heat
  • The old replacement should be discarded in the gray container because apart from being made of coconut shells (70%), it is also composed of other materials such as UHMW (30%) and silicone parts. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Pam Smith (Brisbane, AU)
Tapp Water

Tasks great

Law (Sydney, AU)
My switch broke after switching the filter

Hi, the switch broke after I changed the filter. Can I get a replacement for the switch? I still have 3 filters with me.

Hi Law, Thanks for your review and sorry to hear that the switch has broken. We will get a replacement filter out to you right away. If you could please contact and we can get everything arranged. Thanks!

Naomi Wardropper (Sydney, AU)
Fantastic product

I got this because my kids refused to drink water from the tap but now they drink so much water and love it. It was easy to put on and easy to use.

That's great Naomi! Glad the family is enjoying the filter!

Faye Hannam (Melbourne, AU)

On Tap Water Filter with Bluetooth - TAPP 2 Click

Glad you're loving your filter Faye :)

Ann Sewell (Sydney, AU)
Fresh Tapp water

The water in our area has a noticeable metalic taste, after using Tapp, the water tastes almost as good as rain water, 90% of the metalic taste has disappeared, very happy I have bought this product. Good value for money as I no longer buy bottled water.

That's great Ann! Happy to see you're enjoying our filter :)

  • Screw it on your faucet

    Install in less than 2 minutes

  • Get filtered water

    Change from filtered water to normal tap water by turning the lever

  • New replacement every 3 months

    Each cartridge has a Guaranteed efficacy for 3 months

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How to install the TAPP Water EcoPro

How to go from unfiltered to filtered water

How to replace the filter on the TAPP Water EcoPro

  • Chlorine and Chloramine - 95%

    Chlorine is added to disinfect tap water from harmful viruses and bacteria.

  • Chlorine by-products - 95% or more

    Over 100 by-products incl 32 known chlorine by-products (VOCs) such as THMs identified as potentially cancerous

  • Microplastics - 95% or more

    Plastic pieces of a few microns in length

  • Heavy metals - 90% or more

    Occur naturally in trace amounts in water or caused by pipelines corrosion such as lead, zinc, manganese, copper, etc

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EcoPro frequently asked questions


How do I know if I will like the taste?

There are several causes of the bad taste of tap water. Water hardness, which is the concentrated amount of dissolved minerals like calcium or magnesium, is one of them. The higher the concentration of these elements, the greater the hardness.

Chlorine also has a direct effect on the bad taste of our tap water. Other causes can be excess calcium or potassium in the water.

Our filters eliminate these substances, so the water that will come out of our tap will be clean, transparent and with a good taste.

Our filter is compatible with standard screw taps. Check if your tap model is compatible before buying.

The thread of our filter is F22, the most common measurement. If your tap has another size, you can also purchase a range of different adapters that will be compatible with your tap. 

How do I use the manual reminder on the EcoPro?

The top of the filter is provided with a series of numbers (one per month of the year) and lines (one per week of the month). You can use these to mark when you last changed your filter. This will make it easier for you to remember when you need to change your filter (generally after 3 months). Enjoy uninterrupted filtered water with EcoPro!

Do I still need to change the filter every 3 months even if I don't use it that often?

 The refill is made of carbon, a material of organic origin that can be a breeding ground for microorganisms, which over time can lead to the proliferation of bacteria. These bacteria accumulate behind the filter and can contaminate the water.

It is a normal situation with activated carbon filters, regardless of how many of you are at home, or whether the filter has not been used for a while.

What are the filters made from?

The materials we use in our filters reflect our commitment to sustainability, quality and durability. The cartridge housing is made of ABS and PC plastic, which is free of BPA and phthalates and is manufactured from natural raw materials. The carbon block found inside the cartridge housing and which filters your water is made of coconut shells (70%) — which biodegrade in CO2 and water — and UHMW (30%) — which is inert and stable and doesn’t accumulate in marine life. Our product also contains two small silicone parts that hold the carbon block in place to ensure maximum filter efficiency. These parts decompose in amorphous silica, carbon dioxide and water.

How do I dispose of the cartridges? 

Our filters are not biodegradable or compostable. However, they are made of highly recyclable plastic and other materials that remain inert in nature and do not bioaccumulate. Click here to see how to dispose your filter cartridge to recycle it and help to preserve the environment.