Replacement Cartridges

Replacement cartridges for TAPP 2 filters

Choose the purchase option that best suits you. If you want to save and pay less every year, we recommend subscribing to Pack 4 with TAPPHero +.

Choose your purchase option

4 Pack

4 Pack$99.00

Annual filtered water subscription LESS $ EACH YEAR
Subscription with 4 cartridges
  • 4 cartridges
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Annual subscription
2 Pack

2 Pack$69.00

6 months of filtered water
  • 2 cartridges
  • 1 year warranty

TAPPHero +

Your subscription to filtered water that drops in price every year

It is the only share of the water filtration market that drops in price every year to reward your loyalty. We lower the price every year that you stay with us, up to a maximum of 10 years.

You will start by paying $99 for a year of filtered water with 4 cartridges.

From the second renewal, we will deduct $1 each year for each year that you continue with us.
That is to say: first renewal €98, second renewal €97, third €96..

* Check all the information in our terms and conditions

What our customer says

We listen to our customers and make sure we continually improve our products. Take a look at what our customers think about TAPP Water

A Fantastic Product

I used to use jugs but the taste of TAPP is so much better. I also like having water filtered instantly and not having to wait.

Eoin Murray
Very Happy with the Tapp Water Filter

Spent a while trying to find a great water filter, to stop buying bottled water and to ensure the water quality is ok. And ended up going with this one...The filter was so east to install. Actually surprised how easy it was.. and i am really liking! Fantastic Filter! 

Practical, fast and with great flavour

We are delighted with this filter, in addition to it being very easy to install, the water has no flavour and filters very quickly, I highly recommend it.

Great Taste

We have it at home and have completely stopped buying plastic water bottles. Return on investment within the month. It’s good for the planet too, of course. 

Works better than any other i’ve tried

I’ve bought cheap filters before that would break after just a few uses but the TAPP Filter works great. It’s super easy to install and came with adapters to fit my tap. It filters the water much faster than the Jugs or other filters. 

Tastes like Bottled Water

I purchased this filter as the Water in Penrith wasn’t as nice as bottled water. With this filter, I can’t tell the difference and neither can my family.