Our mission is to eliminate bottled water, for you and the planet.

We do that by creating sustainable, affordable and convenient badass products that eliminate the need for packaged water, and by empowering individuals to change their consumption habits by raising awareness on the impact of our everyday decisions.

  • We buy A LOT of water

    All around the globe, more than 560m households consume bottled water. In Australia over 25% of the population consume bottled water on a weekly basis. The purchase of bottled water has a high cost for consumers, is inconvenient (in terms of time invested and weight load) and, above all, has a very negative impact on the environment.

  • We need great tasting water

    Bottled water consumption keeps on increasing. People are becoming more aware of the importance of clean tap water and existing filtering solutions in the market are too expensive, impractical and not very "smart". It's an industry that has not innovated for many years, and that's where TAPP Water comes in.

  • TAPP Water was born!

    Starting in 2014 the founders of Tapp Water Magnus from Sweden and Alex from Germany decided to see if there was a better way. We tested over 50 filters on the market today and found that none of them were that great in terms of simplicity, cost and function. We asked customers what they wanted and how much they were willing to pay. Finally, we spoke to some of the world's most renowned water scientists to understand how we could create a better solution.

    We created TAPP Water to solve this. We thoroughly tested the filters with hundreds of people to ensure that they agree. This included blind tests and installation tests as well as independent lab tests by some of the top labs in the world to make sure that the filters would match our high requirements.


EcoPro is the first eco-friendly water filter that anyone can install and that provides clean and fresh water directly from the tap in a sustainable way. Screw it on in less than a minute and you're up and running.

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PitcherPro is the world's first high quality glass water filter jug for healthy tasty tap water. It also filters water on the way out rather than having to wait for it to fill up first.

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And we are not stopping there. We are constantly investigating new technologies to improve the design of our products and make them smarter and more sustainable. Our mission is to eliminate bottled water, for you and the planet.

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