How do tap water filters work?

With our filters you can access pure and great-tasting water directly from the tap, while being respectful of the planet and the environment.

They are very easy to install, use and maintain. In just two steps , and without the need for a plumber, you can obtain filtered water from the tap, with all the quality guarantees for direct consumption such as cooking, making tea or coffee and giving your beloved pet a drink, among other uses. everyday. 

A sustainable solution that will forever change the way you consume something as essential as water, saying goodbye to bottled water and plastic for good. 

Sounds good right? Let's explain a bit more.

What filters?

Although in Australia tap water is drinkable and safe for your health, in some cases it has negative characteristics, such as a bad taste or an excess of chlorine, which leads to people choosing to buy bottled water instead of drinking from the tap.

TAPP Water technology restores the purity of tap water by removing more than 80 contaminants and effectively reducing another 50 Independent laboratory studies show that the TAPP 2 filter effectively reduces chemicals such as chloride, nitrate, fluoride and TTHM while maintaining healthy minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium that can be found in the original water.

These are the most important chemicals that you will remove with your filter:

- Lime
- Chlorine
- Heavy metals like lead
- Pesticides
- Microplastics


How do you filter the water?

Inside each TAPP 2 cartridge there is a block of activated carbon made from coconut shell that serves to filter the water. This plant compound is capable of absorbing chemical, gaseous, metallic and organic elements thanks to its own microscopic structure and its highly porous surface, which gives it a great absorption capacity. When the water passes through the filter under pressure, the pollutants are retained in the spherical particles of the activated carbon and, in this way, it comes out filtered and clean, ready for consumption.

How do I install the filter on my tap?

Installation is very easy, no need to call the plumber. You can install your TAPP filter in just two steps:

• Unscrew the mouth of the tap (remove the aerator)
• Screw the filter onto the tap

When should I change the cartridge?

Once installed, you can forget about filtering the water, and buying bottled water. Each cartridge has a shelf life of maximum 3 months maximum. After this time, you will have to change the cartridge for a new one, and dispose of the used one by throwing it into the organic waste container.

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