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Our Goal

At TAPP Water we believe in innovation as the engine to drive changes in our daily consumption habits in order to protect present and future generations.

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Our Mission

Single-use plastic bottles and
bottled water production are damaging our ecosystems, endangering underwater life and polluting the food chain .

Our mission is to create comfortable, sustainable and
affordable products that eliminate the need for bottled water consumption .


  • This year we consume more than 280 Bn single use plastic bottles world-wide of which less than 20% are recycled. Australians now buy more bottled water than soft drink despite the fact that we have drinkable tap water.

  • Most of the plastic ends up in landfills where it breaks down over time into microplastics ending up in the ground water, rivers and eventually the oceans polluting all living organisms. In addition to this each bottle of water requires about 3 liters of water to be produced as well as oil and transportation generating 160 kg CO2 per year for the average household.

  • Finally consumers have to buy, carry home bottles from the store and then store and throw away the bottles. For this they pay almost 1000 times more than tap water. As if this wasn’t enough the plastic leeches into the water which means that our bodies get contaminated with BPA and phathalates of which we don’t yet understand the long term impact.

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What if there was a better way?

Starting in 2014 the founders of Tapp Water Magnus from Sweden and Alex from Germany decided to see if there was a better way. We tested over 50 filters on the market today and found that none of them were that great in terms of simplicity, cost and function. We asked customers what they wanted and how much they were willing to pay. Finally, we spoke to some of the worlds most renown water scientists to understand how we could create a better solution.

Rocio Alcocer with a master in sustainable development and experienced data scientist Jeff Cardorelli joined as co-founders to make it happen.



We created TAPP Water to solve this. We thoroughly tested the filters with hundreds of people to ensure that they agree. This included blind tests and installation tests as well as water institute analyses to make sure that the filters would match our high requirements. TAPP 2 is the worlds first smart biodegradable water filter produced for Europe and North America that anyone can install and that provides clean and fresh water directly from the tap in a sustainable way.

Screw it on in less than a minute and you’re up and running. This is the first generation and we’ve already proven higher customer satisfaction in terms of taste, easiness and robustness.

“Since I installed TAPP I never have to think about water anymore. It’s just there, whether it’s for drinking, preparing coffee or washing fruit and vegetables.” – Mark Castley

But we are not stopping here. Our team of water experts and advisers will continue to perfect the technology, product, design and service over many years to come. We will also develop other products to give you cleaner and better tasting water.