5 reasons why the PitcherPro is the best water filter in the market

Are you looking for a great water filter? We've put together a list of all the things we love about the TAPP Water PitcherPro and why we think you will love it also.

1. It's made of glass...Not plastic

One of the first differences you will notice when comparing the PitcherPro vs other water filter jugs is the materials. The PitcherPro is made with high quality borosilicate glass, where others are typically made with BPA free plastic.

This not only makes the product more sustainable by using 98% less plastic. But the Glass pitcher also makes the water taste just that bit better. 

The glass PitcherPro also makes the jug more aesthetically pleasing that some other water jugs in the market.

2. No more waiting... It filters as you pour

The most impressive feature of the PitcherPro is the way it filters the water. Unlike your typical water filter jugs which require you to wait until the water has been filtered before you pour, the PitcherPro does the opposite. 

Simple fill up the Pitcher straight from the tap, attach the lid and simply start pouring. As you pour, the carbon fibre filter removes contaminants and gives you a nice fresh glass of water. 

Other water filter jugs take approx 3-4 minutes to fill up and filter the water. With the PitcherPro, you’re getting fresh water right away at a flow rate of approx 1L/Minute.

3. Each filter lasts longer...

The PitcherPro Refills last for approximately 3 months or 450 Litres. This means you're only having to replace the filter 4 times per year.

This is much more sustainable compared to other water filter jugs in the market who typically have 100-150 Litres per filter and typically need to be replaced once a month.

4. It removes the most contaminants

The PitcherPro filter more than 80 substances from tap water, even particles larger than 1 micron are retained in the carbon fibres.

The organic activated carbon removes chemical materials, chlorine, chlorine by-products (VOCs, THMs, HAAS, etc) pesticides, herbicides, PFAS, removes odour as well as 80 other contaminants commonly found in our drinking water.

It reduces heavy metals like lead, copper, mercury as well as microplastics and most bacteria from passing through the filter. It also prevents pipe corrosion particles and biofilm (bacteria build up inside pipes) from getting through.

All of the TAPP Water filters are Independently tested and certified in accordance with NSF standards by several labs worldwide.

PitcherPro Independent Lab Results

5. It's the best value for money

The PitcherPro starts from $99 and includes 1 refill which will last about 3 months or 450 Litres.

But the cost of owning a PitcherPro over time is where we start seeing the real savings. The cost of the refills can be as little as $8.30 per month when you purchase an 8 pack (24 Months) and up to $9.80 per month when you purchase a two pack of refills (6 months)

This ends up being the best value for money in the long run when comparing to other water filters in the market and definitely more cost-effective and sustainable than buying 100's of plastic water bottles every year.

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