TAPP Water Adapters

Need an adapter for your TAPP Water Filter? We stock a wide range of faucet adapters that will make your water filter compatible with your tap.

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Will I need an adapter?

All of our on-tap water filters are compatible with 22mm male threaded taps. That means they will screw right on out of the box. While the majority of taps are compatible, others will require an adapter. We offer a wide range of sizes to suit 90% of the taps in Australia

Works with 90% of taps in Australia

Our tap water filters work with almost all of the taps in the Australian market. However, there are a few taps that our filters will not be compatible with - even with adapters.

1. Taps with a shower type head
2. Taps that have an oval thread
3. Taps that operate with a sensor